Wherever Home Is

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The theatre production Wherever Home Is, is a commission from North Yorkshire County Council, supported by funding from the MOD, to An Invisible Man Theatre Company.

The theatre company specialise in creating theatre and media performance that reflects, challenges or champions a line of interest as lived by various communities and, on this occasion, we were asked to research and create a new piece of drama that accurately captured and expressed the thoughts and feelings of service families, adults and children, as experienced today.

Over 100 conversations with children of service personnel, their parents, teachers and with school support professionals took place between February and April 2015 and from these conversation came the narratives that went on to make up the play, Wherever Home Is.

The play is about change, the play is about feeling safe, the play is about resilience. And while the play is about the lives of service families, as seen particularly from the viewpoint of the children in these families, it is not an attempt to look (voyeuristically) at the uniqueness of the service family lifestyle, though this is clearly evident, but rather it is an exploration at how these families, and principally the children, often in the most trying circumstances, remain grounded and as normal as the rest of the “civvy” population of the UK.

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"Exceptionally well planned and organised. The way it worked with first part of the play and then workshop sessions, linking this into second act … therefore included pupil voice and thoroughly engaged pupils. I can’t speak highly enough of the whole project – thank you"

Headteacher- Michael Syddall Primary School

"What a fantastic event. We have been looking forward to this for some time now! All of the children were fully engaged due to the fantastic way in which the play and the day were researched and delivered. Both (of the actors) were brilliant! "

Headteacher- Le Cateau Community Primary